CADC Target Name Resolver

The CADC Target Name Resolver is a simple web application that services HTTP GET requests to resolve astronomical object names to RA and DEC coordinates. Name Resolver concurrently queries one or more services to resolve the object name, returning the first positive result. The services queried are:

Service Description
NED The NASA/IPAC ExtraGalactic Database at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech).
Simbad The SIMBAD Astronomical Database at the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS).
VizieR The VizieR service at CDS.

HTTP GET parameters

Parameter Required? Value Description
target Yes [object name] The object name to resolve.
service No all (default)
Multiple query parameters accepted (e.g. service=ned&service=vizier).
all - queries the NED, Simbad, and VizieR services concurrently.
ned - queries the NED service at CalTech.
simbad - queries the SIMBAD service at CDS.
vizier - queries the VizieR services at CDS.
format No ascii (default)
ascii - return results in ASCII format.
json - return results in JSON format.
cached No yes (default)
yes - return previous cached object coordinates.
no - query services for object coordinates.
detail No min (default)
min - default fields:
    target: the target name to resolve.
    service: the service that resolved the object.
    coordsys: the coordinates system, always ICRS.
    ra: the right ascension of the object in degrees.
    dec: the declination of the object in degrees.
    time: time in milliseconds to resolve the object.
max - default with following additional fields:
    oname: the service preferred object name.
    otype: the object type code.
    mtype: the object morphology type.


Query for target m31 using default parameters in ASCII


Query for target m31 using optional parameters: service = SIMBAD, cached = do not return cached coordinates, detail = maximum, results = JSON

      {"target":"m31","service":"Simbad(","coordsys":"ICRS","ra":10.684708,"dec":41.26875,"oname":"M 31","otype":"AGN","mtype":"SA(s)b","time":1599}